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To meet the demands from clients and market, we establish an advanced corrosion preventive coating line capable to process many kinds of anti-corrosion coating, including FBE coating and three-layer PP/PE coating. The anti-corrosion equipments and production process is top ranking in china and popular utilized in the world.

        The equipments for anti-corrosion coating line are of high technique and antomatic level, which ensure the optimum thickness and good quality of the anti-corrosion coating. The anti-corrosion coating ranges from Ф219-810mm in size, with the length up to 18m, the maximum annual production capacity is 1,000,000㎡.

        With the basis of pipe coating, CNOOC Kingland Pipeline Co. Ltd is cooperating closely with CNOOC Oil Base Group Oilfield Construction Pipe Engineering Division in pipe industry, therefore, our company could undertake the manufacture of  internal/external anti-corrosion coating, concrete weight coating and polyurethane thermal insulation coating for oil, gas, water and mixed liquid transportation pipelines.

2、Coating Glories

        More than 20 large scale pipeline projects have been successfully accomplished such as Ambotory Project and Panyu Project, the overall length is more than 1000 kilometers. The products are applied in China Bohai Bay, East Sea, South Sea, Yellow Sea and also exported to several region like south east Asia and Middle East.

3、Coating Specification

External Anti-corrosion Coating: single/two layer Fusion-Bonded Epoxy coating, three layer Polyethylene coating, three layer Polypropylene coating.
Pipes Range:O.D.8"-32"
Pipes Length:8-18 meters
Production Capability:Ф22″3.5km/22h (PipeФ22″)
FBE Coating Thickness:100μm-1200μm
3L-PE Coating Thickness:1.8mm-4.0 mm
3L-PP Coating Thickness:1.8mm-4.0 mm


      We can coat steel pipes with FBE and 3PE/PP. External coated with these materials, the pipes are anticorrosive, mechanically tough and serve long. They are suitable for oil, gas, coal slurry and other medias transmission in important and perplexing areas as urban area, tableland, swamp, seabed, and river, etc.

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