hydraulic bucking unit

Date: 02 Aug 2010
YXQ16-II type hydraulic bucking unit The hydraulic bucking unit and the hydraulic jar tester are designed and manufactured on the basis of the advanced technolgy from same equipment abroad and the actual situation of the petroleum inustry in China. The hydraulic bucking unit is an important tool used for disassembling/assembling,maintaining of all kinds of drill tools,pipe strings and thread connections for all kinds of downhole equipments in petroleum exploration and geolgical prospecting.It has the following functions suc as :high automatic level;large torque of screwing on/screwing out;wide diameter range for tubing fittings;without slippage or biting the working surface;quick-tightening screw thread;provide push-pull force for work piece. The hydraulic jar tester is an necessary tool for testing of all kinds of drill tools.pipe strings.downhole tools ,Wtih advantages of simple ,reliable operation,large tonnage,it is especially suitable in piping station for testing the pulling and pressure performance of jar,shock absorber and intensifier.
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